Classic Bomber Legend 2017

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  • Size 68.78 MB
  • Version 1.0
  • Language English
  • Developer Vu Son Ha

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Classic Bomber Legend 2017

To do it, in each level you have to damage opponents and discover go out Door. Strategically area numerous bombs to position opponents in entice or ruin many boundaries. The go out Door is hidden below brick, so that you should area bombs to spoil brick to locate this. Bomb will mechanically explode after numerous seconds or manually explode while you get blow up control. Conventional Bomb Bomber an extremely exciting motion method sport in your phone. Lovely snap shots, appealing sport play, you'll control the hero to get through many game levels from smooth to hard. Form of recreation objects will assist you get through sport degree. 50 ranges conventional of monster with exceptional abilities will prevent you from whole a stage. The time for every map is 240 seconds. You need to do away with all of the monsters in sport and locate the go out door to get away. Twenty four predefined maps and many downloadable maps. Task yourself with self-designed map and random map. Use the navigation controls to transport, you could choose four-button. Acquire many effective items quick. You may be a most risky bomber with a ton of bomb and powerful blast. Each monster are cunning, so that you must choose a method to bombing them. The Bosses, they have a horrible ability and special actions. Show your pals the way you play as best. Do not worry in case you make a mistake, you can buy exciting items even lifestyles through gold.

And ultimate factor... BOM!!!

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